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Updated Stories

I’ve updated my spanking stories page with a new story. ūüôā

Spanking Story Updates

Out of gratitude for Nick’s shameless plugging of my writing, I’ve added a couple chapters to Samantha’s story.

I have a major punishment coming up in a few days as well. I was punished a couple of weeks ago for not journaling or doing my cognitive behavioral therapy for 2 weeks, and I haven’t done either of those at all since I was punished. I’m not sure what my issue is on that, but I know that S intends to deal with it pretty severely sometimes over the next couple of days.

I am both dreading it, and looking forward to that wonderfully spanked, punished feeling I’ll get afterwards.

This time, I’ll be sure to post about it here.

Word Counts

One writer’s blog I saw posted regular word counts for their writing.¬† I like that idea a lot.¬† The only problem is, I’m not really writing much right now.¬† Hence, of course, the desire to post word counts somewhere to motivate me a little bit.

What I plan to do at this point, since word counts aren’t entirely an option (I’m seriously not going to post “zero” repeatedly) is use this blog to give updates on my writing progress.

For example, I spent some time yesterday brainstorming about my current “anti-hero”/”Justice” story.¬† I spent a few minutes pondering themes for it, and clarifying what I wanted the message of that story to be.¬† What I’d like to do sometime today or tomorrow is use my Anthemion Writer’s Cafe¬† to create a storyboard of this piece, to give me an idea of where I’m going, and give me an outline that I can start filling in.

Current progress:

  • Brainstormed themes for “Justice”
  • Blogged and created goals

Current goals:

  • Create a storyboard
  • Begin writing “flashback” scenes

Don’t I feel all productive now?