Samantha Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Samantha hovered nervously on the edge of the play room. All around her, people were in various stages of undress, receiving and giving spankings that varied in severity. Curious, she walked up to a woman wearing a blue arm band, identifying her as a top, who was pulling a panty-clad brunette over her lap. The other girl was wearing a pink arm band, which Samantha knew meant she was a bottom. Yellow meant switch. As she watched, the protesting girl with the pink arm band was settled on the woman’s lap, and the woman produced a plastic paddle, which she immediately began using on the girl’s bottom, lecturing her softly. Samantha watched in awe, as a moment later the girl’s panties were pulled down and her well-reddened bottom was revealed, before the woman started paddling it again firmly. Samantha winced in sympathy for the girl, who was now crying, and promising good behavior. Samantha felt someone close to her, and turned her head, seeing a young blonde woman, who was also watching, though not with quite as much sympathy as Samantha.

“I’m Elizabeth,” she said, turning her warm eyes on Samantha, who smiled back at her.

“Samantha,” Samantha responded, turning back to the scene. The girl was wailing loudly now, but she hadn’t used a safe word, and her top paused just long enough to pick up a small leather strap, and begin using it vigorously on the upturned bottom.

“Is it your first visit?” Elizabeth asked, and Samantha turned to her, nodding, her eyes noting the blue band on Elizabeth’s wrist with some trepidation. “Come sit,” Elizabeth invited, gesturing to a well-padded sofa nearby. Samantha followed, a mixed feeling of anxiety and excitement filling her belly as she sat next to Elizabeth on the sofa.

“I’ve been in the scene for about 10 years now,” Elizabeth said, and Samantha glanced at her in surprise. She didn’t look much older than Samantha’s age, of 25.

“I’m 32,” Elizabeth said, as if reading her mind. “I’m not bisexual, though I do usually Dom girls. Particularly those in need of some…maternal discipline.” She paused, but Samantha was barely listening, noting that the girls she’d been watching had stood, and were hugging briefly, before the Dom sent the other girl on her way with a gentle swat on the bottom. “Are you paying attention, here, Sam?” Elizabeth asked, and Samantha snapped her attention back to the woman, particularly caught by Elizabeth’s comfortable use of her nickname.

“Yes, er, sorry,” Samantha mumbled, blushing.

“It’s kind of rude to ignore someone when they’re talking, don’t you think?” Elizabeth asked, and her voice was an invitation. Samantha wasn’t entirely sure how to accept, and in fact suddenly surprised herself by how much she wanted to accept. Playing on instinct, she lowered her head.

“Yes, Ma’am, I suppose it is,” she mumbled, and realized it was true. Elizabeth smiled widely.

“Well, a little rudeness shouldn’t be too hard to take care of. Stand up.” Samantha hesitated briefly, then stood, and Elizabeth reached out. With confident hands, she undid Samantha’s jeans, and slid them to the floor. Samantha opened her mouth to protest, but Elizabeth quieted her with a glance. “Surely you don’t think I’m going to wear out my hand on your jeans?” Samantha shook her head quickly, and a moment later Elizabeth took her arm, tugging her gently into position over her lap. Elizabeth scooted so her back was against the sofa, and instead of her legs and upper body dangling uncomfortably, they were supported by the sofa, her bottom raised slightly by Elizabeth’s legs.

“Are you paying attention, now, Samantha?” Elizabeth asked her softly.

“Yes, Ma’am!” Samantha said quickly.

“I thought so. Now, tell me about yourself, and what you’re looking for here,” Elizabeth instructed, and Samantha glanced over her shoulder at the woman, startled. She was expected to carry on a conversation from this position? Elizabeth smiled at her, and gave her a swat.

“Er, I-I just wanted to find out more about this…I’ve always wanted to have someone to kind of…keep me accountable…” she faltered as Elizabeth began swatting in a rhythm, firmly.

“Continue,” Elizabeth told her.

“I-I just feel like I really need this…t-to keep me inline, a-and do what I’m supposed to.”

“Good,” Elizabeth replied, and picked up the pace, slapping briskly. After a few moments, there was a pause, and Elizabeth hooked her thumb under the waistband of Samantha’s panties.

“Lift up, Sam,” she instructed.

“W-wait, I don’t know if…”

“Then safe word,” Elizabeth said firmly. “There’s monitors around, and I’ll stop immediately.” Samantha hesitated, said nothing. “That’s what I thought. Lift up.” Feeling her face turn a bright red, Samantha used her elbows to lift up slightly, and a moment later her panties were down around her knees, and Elizabeth wasted no time resuming the slapping, and Samantha was suddenly struck by the intimacy of the woman’s hand slapping her bare bottom, punishing her for her rudeness. Elizabeth picked up the pace again, and began smacking each side 4-5 times before moving to the other side, moving her spanks lower, to Samantha’s sit spot, and Samantha wiggled.

“Ow! Ow!” She exclaimed, several swats in one spot building a sharp sting. “I’m sorry!” she yelped, and felt an arm encircle her waist, holding her in place as Elizabeth delivered several hard swats to a thigh.

“Be still, Sam, unless you want me to finish the spanking on your thighs.” Samantha forced herself to be still, and Elizabeth moved back up, again smacking several times in one place. This time Samantha held her body still, just barely, whimpering a little.

“Please, I’m sorry , it hurts!” she yelped. Elizabeth kept smacking for another several seconds, delivering a lot of low hard swats, and bringing Samantha close to tears before she stopped. Samantha sagged across Elizabeth’s lap, catching her breath, taking comfort in Elizabeth’s hand, now gently rubbing her back.

“You alright?” Elizabeth asked, and Samantha nodded, feeling more than alright as Elizabeth helped her to stand, finding her legs a little shaky.

“Yeah, that was…thanks,” Samantha said, feeling exhilarated. Elizabeth smiled, seeming to know exactly what she was feeling, and nodded.

“Anytime. Why don’t you wander around and observe some more, and if you’re interested in starting something a little more concrete with me, come find me a little later—I see another naughty bottom I need to take care of.”

“Yes, Ma’am,” Samantha said, and as she walked away, she knew she’d be back.

Samantha spent the next hour watching the activities around her. She saw a man strapped over a padded bar and caned severely, the whippy rod stopping just short of drawing blood. She saw a man take a girl over his knee and spank her with his hand until she whimpered and cried, which didn’t take long, and she saw another girl being paddled with a paddle that had several holes drilled into it. By the end, the paddle seemed to have left a line of blisters on her bottom, but the girl wasn’t even crying. She saw innumerable men and women with their noses either in a corner or pressed to the wall, crimson bottoms evident, and hands on their head to keep them from rubbing at all. Towards the end of the hour, she wondered if it was too soon to find Elizabeth again.

She wandered back to where Elizabeth was, which was now at a padded bench. The bench had a padded lower step to kneel on, and a wide padded step that was higher up to bend over, then a lower platform for the elbows and upper body to rest on. Elizabeth had secured the girl to the bench with cuffs that spread her legs widely, and a strap across her back. The girl’s bottom was already a fairly light shade of red, similar to what Samantha imagined her own had looked like awhile ago—it appeared that Elizabeth had warmed the girl up, and was now holding a wide tawse, split at the end into 2 tails. It looked vicious, and Elizabeth was leaning over, speaking quietly to the girl, who looked miserable, but nodded to Elizabeth, even smiling briefly at one point. Samantha found herself jealous at the intimacy they were sharing, wondering what Elizabeth said, and what could possibly cause a girl in that position to smile. Elizabeth patted the girl on the shoulder, then moved behind her, and raised the tawse, bringing it down with an echoing CRACK! The girl’s head snapped up, and it was a moment before she caught her breath to cry out with pain. By that time the lash was swinging down again, cracking against her bare skin. Samantha winced, seeing the two bright lines it left, and it cracked again, and again.

For the first several strokes, the girl let out a loud cry with each one, but shortly her cries blended into a single wail. As the tawse continued to fall mercilessly, she caught her breath enough to begin pleading, promising good behavior, promising never to lie again, and then her pleas dissolved into incoherent sobs that shook her entire body. Elizabeth was unmoved by any of this, though the promises seemed to bring a faint smile to her lips. She brought the tawse down methodically, covering every inch of the girl’s bottom, then moving halfway down her thighs before moving back up to begin again. Within a couple of minutes the girl’s bottom was a deep, raw red, and she no longer seemed to even be responding to specific strokes; she just lay and sobbed as though she’d never stop. Indeed, when Elizabeth stopped a minute later, the girl continued to sob helplessly, and Elizabeth moved to her bag, leaving the girl sobbing on the bench for a moment, putting the tawse away, before she walked back to where the girl lay, running a gentle hand across her bare back, stroking. She leaned over and spoke quietly to the girl again, more sternly it appeared, and the girl nodded quickly, and Elizabeth released her, sending the girl to a free corner, her hands on her head, her crimson bottom evident to all.

Elizabeth looked over then, and her eyes met Samantha’s. Samantha felt a jolt of fear shoot through her for just a moment, and then Elizabeth’s eyes warmed, and she walked over to Samantha.

“Did you find some interesting scenes to watch?” Elizabeth asked. Samantha nodded.

“Including this one,” she said, casting an anxious glance at Elizabeth’s bag, where the tawse was. Elizabeth smiled.

“That’s Jamie. She’s been one of my girls for about a year now, and lied to me last week.”

“I-I take it you value honesty.” Elizabeth looked sharply at her.

“Very much so. In a relationship like this, it’s absolutely essential, especially since we don’t live together 24/7. Honesty is everything.” Samantha nodded at her words, and Elizabeth moved back to the sofa, Samantha following.

“Now, tell me about what it is you need accountability for,” Elizabeth said, sitting and gesturing for Samantha to do the same. Samantha sat, this time much less distracted by the spankings going on around her.

“Well, it’s mainly my school work,” she began. A few minutes later, she found that talking to Elizabeth was easy, and with just a little blushing she’d explained how she knew her school work was important, but found herself not bothering to do the readings assigned, or start on homework early enough to do a good job, and how she felt she needed a little extra motivation and guidance to help in these areas.

“What are you studying for?” Elizabeth asked.

“My Masters in Social Work,” Samantha answered, and wondered briefly at the faint smile that crossed Elizabeth’s face.

“I imagine I can help,” Elizabeth said. “I’ll be laying down some pretty strict rules, though.” She looked at Samantha, and Samantha nodded quickly.

“I-I want you to. I mean, I don’t expect it to be easy for me, but I just…I just want to do my best, and right now, I know I’m not,” she finished, feeling slightly foolish, but Elizabeth nodded.

“I understand. I’ve worked with several girls struggling with the same problem. Let’s meet again this week, so we can discuss my expectations, and…get to know each other better, before classes start for the semester.” Samantha smiled, nodding.

“That’d be great, Ma’am,” she said, then blushed. “Er, should I call you Ma’am?”

“You can call me Elizabeth, or Ma’am. Just not Liz.” Samantha nodded her understanding. “Now, care to watch me deal with other naughty bottoms? I’ve got quite a list to deal with tonight.” Samantha smiled, just hoping (a little ambiguously) that none of them were hers.

3 responses to “Samantha Chapter 1”

  1. Alyx says :

    I can’t believe I only found your stories now…I thought I’d read just about every decent F/F DD story out there! (Which admittedly isn’t saying a lot. *bg*)

    But very happy I found this little treasure trove — what a domme you’ve created in Elizabeth. I loved her firm “Then safe word,” followed by, “That’s what I thought. Lift up.” *LOL* Brilliant move there! (Little quibble, though — when did they discuss what Sam’s safe word was?)

    Going now to comment on the other chapters….

  2. redbottomedgirl says :

    🙂 This is awesome! I just discovered you! Where have you been?! Off to read more…

  3. disneydyke says :

    Loved this story. So glad I discovered it.

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